What Makes a Successful Wealth Management Website


Most advisors will admit that growing their client base remains one of the biggest challenges they face in the independent channel. Larger advisory firms have gotten increasingly sophisticated in their methods when it comes to prospecting and lead generation as well as advertising. However, all too often, especially with smaller firms—but there is not shortage of larger firms either—the website has become a largely static set of pages that can neither attract or retain the interest of prospects or clients in a meaningful way.

Indyfin, which provides a platform for advisor rating and reviews, recently analyzed data from 30,961 wealth management firm websites.

These firms were sourced through ADV filings. Traffic data for these websites was compiled through the independent website analytics platform SEMrush. 

Heavily trafficked websites (asset management firms, wirehouses, banks including community banks, marketplaces, media companies, and other companies) not relevant to the research were removed from this dataset, as they are not primarily in the business of providing investment advice to consumers.

Indyfin also excluded websites that are typically considered to be independent broker/dealers. According to the company, data presented here comes from their vigorous segmenting of datasets. It’s important to note that the analytics provided by SEMrush will not match the actual traffic data that owners of the website can see in their own reporting.


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