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Get those discounted AirPods Pro out of your cart — there’s something even better on sale right now. The excellent Beats Fit Pro, our best wireless earbuds pick, just hit their lowest price ever.

The latest Beats buds are currently down to $145, which is a big drop from their $199 retail price and only the third major discount we’ve seen on them. And while the AirPods Pro are also on sale right now at $200, the Beats Fit Pro are a whole $55 cheaper — and arguably a better choice.

The best Apple earbuds

Our best earbuds pick for Apple users, the Beats Fit Pro offer excellent sound, noise cancellation and battery life within a sporty and secure design.

The Beats Fit Pro essentially take everything great about the AirPods Pro and distills it into a more sporty, secure and stylish package. Their unique wing tip design creates a nice tight seal in your ear without feeling too heavy, while their physical controls make it easy to skip songs and summon Siri. And unlike the AirPods, the Beats Fit Pro come in a range of attractive colors, including black, white, Sage Gray and the gorgeous Stone Purple that I’ve been rocking for a few months.

You get all the same benefits as Apple’s other high-end earbuds, including reliable active noise cancellation for blocking out noise, a Transparency mode for staying aware during runs and Spatial Audio for immersive 360-degree sound. And while they work best with Apple devices, they also work great on Android phones, thanks to a Beats companion app that’s loaded with features.

I fell in love with the Beats Fit Pro when I reviewed them back in November, and while I’ve tested nearly every major competitor that’s come out since, I always find myself coming back to their alluring purple looks and snug, lightweight embrace. The one big trade-off you’ll make compared to the AirPods Pro is that the case doesn’t offer wireless charging, but I’ll take that small drawback in exchange for superior comfort, controls and style.

This Beats Fit Pro sale will probably sell out soon, so don’t miss your chance to get the best wireless earbuds out there at a discount.


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