Samsung Exynos 2300 leaks with claimed Cortex-X3 super core in tow


A new leak claims to have given us details on what appears to be the next flagship chip to come from Samsung – the Exynos 2300.


Samsung might have chosen not to use its own chip in the recent Galaxy S23 lineup, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the end of the Exynos brand. On the contrary, the company seems to be hard at work coming up with something new.

A new report claims to have all the details on the new chip and what kinds of specifications it will offer. And while it’s impossible to predict how a chip will perform at this stage, things are looking interesting already.


The report comes via IT Home and details what we can expect from the Exynos 2300. According to that report, the chip currently has the codename Quadra and will ship using a 1+4+4 configuration. The GPU will use a semi-design based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecture, but it’s the rest of the chip that’s most interesting.

The report has Samsung using four efficiency cores and four performance cores alongside a Cortex-X3 super core running at 3.09GHz. The Cortex-A715 cores will clock in at 2.65GHz while the Cortex-A510 cores will run at 2.1GHz, assuming nothing changes between the development and shipping of this chip.

It’s currently unclear when we should expect Samsung to begin to ship a phone with the Exynos 2300 inside, or indeed which tier of phones will be the first to use it.

This development comes after Samsung chose to ditch the Exynos chips from the Galaxy S23 lineup entirely, whereas it would normally use its own in-house silicon for the phones sold in specific regions including Europe.

Not that buyers are complaining. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip used in the Galaxy S23 lineup and other flagship phones has so far proven itself to be an excellent chip, both in terms of raw performance as well as battery and thermal management. Qualcomm hasn’t always been able to boast a chip that we can say that about in recent years.


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