Reddit Gave Away $110,000 to Make 8 Subreddits’ Dreams Come True


The front cover of the zine created by r/analog is shown. It features old film cartridges.

When most people think of Reddit, they don’t usually think of physical objects. That’s why the project from r/analog was so interesting to me. It was Reddit, which is synonymous with the internet, in physical form.

r/analog used its Community Funds money to create a zine featuring the film photography created by its members. The 200-plus page book showcases member photos of nature, landscapes, architecture, buildings, and more. In an interesting crossover between the online and offline, some photos identify their photographer by their Reddit usernames, while others use their real names.

In the zine’s introduction, members of r/analog state that their project aimed to embrace the film, the old, as well as digital, the new. They also explained that seeing something in a physical form allows it to be appreciate more.

“Using the power of digitizing analog images to allow them to be shared and collected from across the web, we can then present them in printed form. Bringing back the physicality that was lost in the process while simultaneously embracing new technology,” the members wrote. “Hopefully, seeing the images presented in this zine will allow for them to be appreciated more, instead of just seeing them as images on an endless feed.”

The zine is free and can be downloaded via this post on r/analog. Folks wanting a physical copy can get one for $10, which is used for storage, organization, and handling.


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