Practice Management 2022 Review: The SEC’s New Marketing Rule


Marketing for financial advisors was finally brought into the 21st century this year, as the compliance date for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s marketing rule was this November. 

The rule, which modernizes regulations that went into effect in 1961, dictates when and how advisors can use testimonials and endorsements in advertising, as well as the kind of performance metrics that can be cited. 

It’s obviously been a long time coming, which is why the SEC gave firms 18 months from its passage to come into compliance. Still, adherence to the rule is advisors’ No. 1 compliance concern, according to a survey by the I conducted in July. 

Even though the rule has now been fully implemented, that does not mean advisors are fully taking advantage of what it means for their businesses. The effects of the rule will undoubtedly carry over into 2023.

Click through this slideshow for more on how covered the rule throughout 2022.


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