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Legendary actress Janet Leigh passed away in 2004, but her daughter, fellow actress Jamie Lee Curtis, remains proud of her late mother.

A photo of Leigh from the iconic shower scene in the 1960 film “Psycho” is featured on the cover of Variety magazine for an issue highlighting “The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time.”

Curtis posted about it on her verified Instagram account.

“I woke up this morning missing my mother and wishing she could see the beautiful family that I have and that her two daughters are well and thriving and for her to enjoy this magical, creative year I’m having, after such a long time in the same industry she loved,” the “Halloween” star wrote.

“The miracle of the movies is that they last forever, in perpetuity,” the caption went on to read. “How thrilling to see her legacy today through the loving portal of @variety as the number #1 movie of all time.”

“Psycho” also starred Anthony Perkins and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The shower scene was hailed as incredibly innovative at the time and has since been recreated, spoofed and hailed in other projects.

Curtis and her sister, Kelly, are the children of Leigh and the actor Tony Curtis, who died in 2010.


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