Instagram Recap 2022: A New Reels Template Makes It Easy to Customize


Instagram on Monday launched a 2022 recap feature on Reels, joining other popular apps that offer people a way to look back on the content they consumed and produced throughout the year, like Spotify and BeReal. 

The social media platform is rolling out a Reels template that gives users a customizable way to share a minimum of three pieces of content from the year with their followers. You can choose your collage to sync to a narrated audio from Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled, rapper Badshah or Stranger Things’ Priah Ferguson. The template is available in English, Spanish and Hindi, according to Meta spokesperson Alexandra Terry. 

To create your own 2022 recap reel, look for the “Create your own recap reel” on the top of your feed starting today. If the prompt hasn’t appeared yet, check the Reels templates and select the 2022 recap reel feature to begin creating. 

The template will be available for several weeks into 2023, according to Terry. 

Last year Instagram rolled out its own personalized year-in-review feature that provided users with a way to share up to 10 stories with their followers. 

After the success of Spotify Wrapped, the end-of-the-year listening data that Spotify provides listeners in a carefully curated and sharable format, other apps have tried to capture that same sort of hype. Popular Gen Z social media app BeReal rolled out its BeReal Recap video last week


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