HNW Planning 2022 Review: The Patagonia Purpose Trust


When Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard announced this fall that he was selling the company and transferring part of the ownership to a purpose trust, the immediate reaction was that he was doing so for purely altruistic purposes. Chouinard chose this estate planning vehicle to fulfill a specific purpose, of course—fighting climate change and advocating for workers’ well-being. 

But he also structured the deal in such a way that while he will have to pay $17.5 million in gift taxes for the shares he transferred to the trust, he is not on the hook for $700 million in federal capital gains from the sale (based on Patagonia being worth $3 billion). And by not transferring the company—and his large fortune—to his heirs, he avoids the 40% U.S. estate and gift tax. covered this story in great detail over the course of the year. What follows are a few of our top stories on the topic, as well as some more resources for advisors when discussing trusts and taxes with clients.

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