Former Domino’s Pizza CEO Richard Allison received nearly $10,000 in free in two years.


Forget having a driver and free dry cleaning. If you want to talk about the ultimate executive perk, look no further than former Domino’s Pizza CEO Richard Allison, who got nearly $4,000 in free pizza in 2021, before retiring from the fast food chain last year.

Allison wasn’t the only exec to take advantage of the benefit. Russell Weiner, who took over the CEO role, picked up $2,810 in covered pizza purchases. Joe Jordan, president of U.S. and global services, got $2,252 in free pies. And executive vice president and general counsel Kevin Morris got $1,738 in comped pizza purchases.

Stuart Levy, the former CFO of Domino’s, apparently didn’t have a taste for the company’s. Besides resigning his position after less than a year in 2021, he only took advantage of $252 in free pizzas.

The data comes from the company’s 2022 proxy filing with the SEC. (It’s not clear if the pizza purchases were comped or reimbursable, but they were listed as part of executive compensation.)

How much pizza is that? Well, in Ann Arbor, Mich., where Domino’s is headquartered, the most expensive specialty pizza on the menu is $18.99. But if you load up the largest pizza with the maximum number of toppings and forego coupons, you can create a $39 monster.

If you assume every pie Allison ordered was that sort of a calorie bomb, it still works out to over 100 pizzas. (And if he got just a large pepperoni, the total shoots to more than 261 pies.)

More impressive, 2021 was a fairly lean year for Allison’s pizza ordering. In 2020, the company’s proxy shows, he scooped up $6,126 in free pizza.

The free pizza, of course, came alongside other executive rewards, like the personal use of the corporate jet and season tickets to sporting events.

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