Everything we know about Counter-Strike 2: Rumours and more


It feels like just yesterday that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched, a massive update for the Counter-Strike world that ended up taking a few years to really find its feet.

In fact, it’s been pretty much a decade, making it high time that a new version of the hugely popular tactical shooter came along, even as GO breaks concurrent player records on Steam. Here are all the details and rumours we know about Counter-Strike 2, which might be just that new version.


Counter-Strike 2 rumours

The idea that there is probably a new Counter-Strike on the way is uncontroversial – Valve would be crazy to ignore the success and sustainability of its shooter franchise.

However, things went into overdrive on this front when well-known reporter Richard Lewis posted a report in early March 2023 claiming that the game was imminent.

After a few years of scraping out hope from updates files and text logs, this is manna from heaven for Counter-Strike fans.

Lewis says that sources have told him there’s a new game coming, and that it’ll release under the title Counter-Strike 2, on the Source 2 engine.

Counter-Strike 2 release date

Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t have a firm release date, since it hasn’t even been announced, so don’t get your hopes up at all.

When it does appear, which Lewis says will be sometime in March or April 2023 at the latest, the game should be in a beta state, so its final release will still be a decent way off.

This mirrors how Global Offensive launched – Valve will want to make sure it irons out bugs big and small before it makes the new game its main offering and sunsets Global Offensive, after all.

Counter-Strike 2 platforms

While Counter-Strike might be a hugely popular franchise, it’s only ever found really lasting success on PC (and Mac), with its twitchy and reactive playstyle at home on a mouse and keyboard.

While it’s possible that Valve could experiment with a console release, we’d be hugely surprised if that was the case – like its newer competitor, Valorant, Counter-Strike is really a PC game and as such that’ll be the only place to really play it.

Of course, that does mean that it’ll work on the Steam Deck, for those who have one.

Counter-Strike 2 gameplay

You can expect a huge amount of continuity when Counter-Strike 2 is unveiled – it’s going to be very much the same core game running on newer tech.

So, you’ll still be on a small team battling in tight maps that encourage tactical flexibility. You’ll earn money through rounds that lets you buy upgraded weaponry, all of which has high recoil and extreme lethality.

Whether you’re rescuing or guarding a hostage, or seeking to plant or defuse a bomb, it’s a tense and careful affair.

The new game will run on Source Engine 2, which will allow it to reach further graphically and in performance terms, ideal for those with gaming rigs seeking totally fluid gameplay.

We’re hoping for improvements to the replay system, along with improvements to matchmaking – there are rumours that the game could have 128-tick serves, a doubling of the current standard that could make for a noticeably smoother experience.

Wil Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins carry over?

Since the game hasn’t been announced yet, this is a hard one to definitively answer, but we think it’s highly likely that cosmetics like skins will carry over from GO to a new game.

After all, Valve makes a huge amount of money from the cosmetics market in Counter-Strike circles, so to wipe the slate clean could cause plenty of upset.

Since the game is only moving from an older version of the Source engine, this also shouldn’t be too technically challenging, from what we can tell.

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