May 28, 2023
Bordeaux town hall set on fire in France pension protests

Bordeaux town hall set on fire in France pension protests

Protests in France over the proposed pension age increase turned violent, resulting in the Bordeaux town hall being set on fire.Over a million people demonstrated across the country, including 119,000 in Paris, and police used tear gas on protesters.

Unions have called for more protests next week during King Charles III’s visit, but the French Interior Minister assured that security will not be an issue. The protests were generally peaceful, but some masked rioters caused damage to shops, street furniture, and a McDonald’s restaurant.

One police officer was injured, and 80 people were arrested nationwide. French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne condemned the violence and thanked the police and rescue forces for their efforts.

According to Reuters news agency, the demonstrations in Paris were mostly peaceful, but there were some clashes between police and masked rioters who damaged property, including shop windows and street furniture, and even attacked a McDonald’s restaurant.

One police officer was injured and lost consciousness, but was later rescued. The AP news agency reported that police had to use tear gas to disperse protesters who were throwing objects and fireworks. In total, 33 people were arrested in the capital.

In response to the events, France’s Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne tweeted that while demonstrating and expressing disagreement is a right, the violence and destruction witnessed during the protests was unacceptable, and expressed gratitude towards the mobilized police and rescue forces.

Protests against plans to increase the pension age in France turned violent, with Bordeaux town hall being set on fire. Over a million people participated in the protests across the country, with over 100,000 in Paris alone.

Police used tear gas to control the crowds, and 80 people were arrested. The demonstrations were sparked by legislation raising the retirement age by two years to 64. Unions have called for further protests, which would coincide with King Charles III’s state visit to France.

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