Best Nintendo Switch Lite skins 2023: Protective cases that still keep things stylish


The Nintendo Switch Lite may be the perfect device for gaming on the move, but that doesn’t mean it can survive every bump and graze the outside world has to offer – and that’s why you might opt for a protective skin or case.

Finding the right layer of protection for your Switch Lite is essential if you want to keep it in mint condition, but you also want to retain some of its charming colourful looks. After all, nobody wants to hide away the true form of the device they just shelled out big cash for.


A good Switch Lite skin is the perfect solution, but you’ll have to decide whether you want a thin layer that can be slipped on and off or a traditional-looking case, which often comes with rear grips.

To help you wade through the many options, we’ve detailed some of the very best on offer. While you’re here, do check out our list of the best Switch games, too.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite skins available to buy

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Controller Gear

Controller Gear – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Skin

The one and only skin Animal Crossing fanatics should consider.


  • Fun design
  • Some protection

While there are countless games to enjoy on the Switch, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is as close to a must-play as it gets.

And whether you discovered the series for the first time through the latest instalment or you’ve been paying digital home loans to Tom Nook for years, this officially licensed series of skins represents the perfect pickup for fans.

There are 14 in total to pick between, and, to be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of them. An excellent way to protect your device from scratches.

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MoKo Silicone Protective Cover

A basic but effective Switch Lite skin with neat cutouts and solid protection from scratches.


  • Colour-matched
  • Good protection

Most skins will be able to offer some kind of protection for your Switch Lite, but very few give you precise cutouts that leave your device looking as polished as it does without a case.

Moko’s offering is one of the few that does, providing a neat layer of silicone protection that’s available in five colours.

The precise cutouts should allow you to access buttons, triggers, thumbsticks, the game card slot, and the headphone jack without having to tug or stretch the skin into position.

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JETech Protective Case

An excellent transparent skin that protects and adds comfort through rear grips.


  • Ergonomic
  • Good protectivity

  • Makes your Switch Lite bigger

While finding a case that corresponds with your Switch Lite’s colour is indeed satisfying, still seeing the original finish through a clear skin is, for our money, the ideal solution.

With JETech’s offering, you get the same level of protection you’d expect from other skins, though the rear grips are a really nice touch to give you some better comfort while gaming.

Like other transparent options, it also doesn’t bubble up or stick down inconsistently, meaning you can maintain the neat look of your device while still gaining some much-needed protection.

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ProCase Flip Cover

A clever Switch Lite case that lets you maximize protection and still retain some style.


  • Protects screen
  • Colour-matched

If you’re the type to whip out your Switch Lite for quick sessions, the ProCase Flip Cover is a beautiful way to add some protection.

The magnetic cover adds an excellent layer of protection for the front, while the back also features the same TPU shielding – complete with hand grips for added comfort.

The protective lid is also detachable, which is handy for getting it out the way during longer sessions. And if that wasn’t enough, you also get screen protectors included to help you avoid screen scratches.

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TiMOVO Cover

An affordable and neat way to protect your Switch Lite from scratches.


  • Doesn’t offer a huge amount of protection

If you want the most affordable way of gaining some protection for your Switch lite, TiMOVO’s simple skin is one to consider.

There are no fancy features in the package, such as rear grips or screen protectors, but it’s a neat slip-on option with good cutouts that you can match to the colour of your device.

For the price, it’s really hard to do better than this, and, despite the simplicity, it should be enough for most users.


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