Aubrey Plaza casually asks Drew Barrymore to ‘be my mommy’ during podcast


Nobody can switch from serious to weird quite as quickly, or as entertainingly, as Aubrey Plaza. In the clip above she appears opposite Drew Barrymore on the Drew’s News podcast, talking about everything from The White Lotus to writing jokes for young children.

Then, in response to Barrymore describing how she would write jokes for her own daughters while they were away at camp, Plaza pivots.

“You’re a dream mom. I wish you were my mom,” she says, before putting on a baby voice. “Be my mommy.”

As Barrymore laughs Plaza keeps going, saying things like “feed me” and “put me to bed.”

“Nurture me. Nourish me,” she finishes. “I’m a hungry baby.”

“And I have everything you need,” responds Barrymore, through a fit of giggles.


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