A Perfect Christmas Goes Darkly Awry in Horror Short Snow Globe


A woman in a pink dress smiles at a Christmas card

Snow Globe introduces us to a perfectly pink-clad woman flitting around a festively decorated room. But it soon becomes clear in this short film from Christopher Ryan Laughter—whose work io9 has shared before—that things are much more sinister than they appear. For one thing, the poem that narrator is reciting is definitely not “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Horror Short Film “Snow Globe” | ALTER

Snow Globe is an exploration of communication breakdown within romance and aims to start a conversation about individual ownership for keeping our most cherished relationships alive and well,” Laughter, who sent his short to io9, explains in his director’s statement. It also offers a reminder that the holidays can and will bring out some of the darkest nights you’ll face all year. Snow Globe’s script is by Michael Wielock and the cast features Candice Moll (as Maisie), Dylan Rourke (as “Darling”), and Beau Marie (as the deceptively droll narrator).

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