54 amusing photos of real-world vandalism that’ll make your chortle


(Pocket-lint) – Vandalism is a crime and one we don’t endorse, but sometimes it can be amusing, witty or just downright daft. Even the most prudish of people can enjoy a touch of real-world shenanigans every now and then. 

We’ve collected a gallery of daft and hilarious photos of various acts of vandalism with a healthy dash of humour for you to enjoy.

CCTV vandals

There’s nothing cheekier than a vandal who’s this brazen. Way to stick it to the man with an amusing style. 

The door is fragile

A deep and painfully accurate piece of vandalism speaks to the weakness of the human condition and compares it to a door that just needs to be opened carefully.  


Do not remove this seal

Sometimes it’s the most subtle acts of vandalism that are the most amusing. You can’t beat a bit of homonym humour. 

Post no bills

We can’t help but think that this sign could have done with more photos of Bill Murray, but otherwise, we love this vandal’s sense of humour. 

Who ya’ gonna call?

The Ghostbusters film reboot could have gone in a very different direction if this chap had had a hand in it.  

No idea is original

Here you have it, photographic proof that no idea is original, not even ones had by vandals. Amusing still though. Helped by the fact that we have a wild imagination and are now thinking about someone trying to put out a fire with an elevator. 

Everything’s hands-free

In a world where nearly everything is hands-free, built for convenience or voice activated with the help of a smart assistant these acts of vandalism are fairly convincing. That is, of course, the idea. No doubt that vandal was standing nearby to watch as someone shouted at a hand towel dispenser or clapped repeatedly, wondering why they couldn’t get a drink from a water fountain. 

Shenanigans abound. 

Political vandalism

Even vandals aren’t afraid to use their art for a spot of social commentary. Whether you agree or not, you can’t help but smirk at this one. 

Positive action vandalism

Sometimes vandalism is for a good cause. This post box needed a fresh coat of paint. Rather than a sternly worded letter, someone took it upon themselves to spray paint the eyesore until the council fixed the problem. Perhaps not the most sensible solution, but it worked. 

Corrective graffiti

Sometimes, graffiti is for a good cause. In this case, not only a fight against racism, but also a lighthearted joke at someone else’s bad spelling.

Consistent vandalism

The cheek of this vandalism. Hard to believe just how much of a scallywag the person behind it must be to vandalise a notice about vandalism. We have to admit we had a good chortle about it though. 

4chanman1213Amusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle image 13

The door is alarmed

This poor door, we wonder what it’s so worried about. At least the windows and floor are keeping it company in its perpetual state of panic. 

Patient vandalism

Sometimes the devil is in the detail and the small acts of vandalism are the best. This photo shows a Chromebook that’s been “fixed” at Redditor’s school. Look carefully and you’ll see the keys have been rearranged into the correct order of the alphabet. 

The latest Harry Potter

One of the lesser known works of J.K. Rowling takes Harry Potter down a much more serious path. We wonder if the little wizard can solve the economic problems of the U.S.S.R.

Printing problems

If you’ve got printing problems, Jay-Z feels bad for you son. He’s got 99 problems, but printing isn’t one. 

Hide your potato

We love these simple bits of vandalism that make you look twice at a public sign. Wash your hands becomes hide your potato. Potatoes are precious. 

Which way to the forest run

We always enjoy a bit of street sign vandalism. Even more so when it includes a reference to Forest Gump. Classic. 

ImgurAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle image 19

Darth Vader pipe

This vandal clearly loves a good Star Wars reference and some japes too. We have to admit, the similarities are certainly striking. 

gavmcdAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle image 20

The Millenium Falcon

A little bit of artwork certainly made this drain cover more interesting and a geeky delight too.  

The weighty sumo

This little Sumo packs some heft and has broken something in the real world. We enjoy this sort of vandalism that takes the eye away from broken, damaged or dented real-world objects. 

Bender parking pillar Rodriguez

When Futurama’s Bender becomes obsolete, maybe he’ll have some other uses rather than just being a bending robot. This street vandal has imagined what it might be like if he was a parking pillar. 

Fake but hilarious advertising

In the wake of the Facebook scandals, someone posted this fake advert in London for all the citizens to enjoy. 

Bill Posters is innocent

Poor Bill Posters, he’s always getting the blame. We’ve seen so many warning signs saying he’ll be prosecuted, but for what?

You are offline

This artist has recreated Google Chrome’s offline dinosaur game in the real world. The artwork comes with some sage advice too – “don’t panic, look around and trying to interact with reality.”

Fishy building

Urban artist Falko One does things a little differently, using his skills to turn the streets of South Africa into an open-air art gallery. 

These works of art might not be hilarious, but they’re worth a mention as they certainly brighten the world. 

Expand the arts

Who needs a bigger airport when you’ve got art? The arts are obviously better for everyone. 

Swear words

This looks like the sort of graffiti someone might craft if they’re feeling really naughty but no so naughty they could go the whole way with shocking words. 

Perhaps the most Canadian graffiti you’ve ever seen?


Hilariously ironic graffiti that we can all appreciate. Though your health is no joke, look after yourself, be sure to check for lumps and visit your doctor when you need to. 

This door is alarmed

Poor door. We know how it feels. We wonder what the door could have seen in order to be this upset?

BuzziveAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle photo 32

Tetris road sign

If you’ve never played Tetris, can you even call yourself a gamer? We love the effort put into turning this roadsign into a homage to the retro classic.

ImgurAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle photo 33

Don’t make a mess

 A standard sign suggesting people don’t eat and drink in the area has been converted into solid life advice instead. Don’t try to eat liquids with a knife and fork. It’ll get messy. 

Cuddles make everything better

Cuddles make everything better! These poor battered things need love just like the rest of us. 

ScampiAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle photo 35


The much loved or much-maligned (depending on your view) Clippy lives on in the form of this amusing bit of artwork. 

Wonderfully geeky.  

Do not print labels unnecessarily

We sniggered at this one. An amusing act of anarchy and a tongue-in-cheek joke that we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Technically true

It looks like someone has turned this camera around so it’s merely surveilling the sign suggesting it’s surveilling the area. These are the sorts of japes we can get behind. 

Ball games

Another wonderful moment of sticking it to the man. Someone has mounted a basketball hoop below a sign suggesting there are no ball games in the area. REBEL!

Googly Eyes

Who doesn’t love Googly Eyes? Whoever stuck this sign up we guess. 

An eye you

This good boy has had a nice upgrade with some googly eyes. We thoroughly enjoy it when people go on a rampage adding eyes to inanimate objects and brining them to life. 


jps_artist is clearly a talented individual with some serious spray can skills. Take a look at their Instagram and you’ll see plenty of fantastic urban artwork.

Some of which sees our world transformed in amusing ways. Like a simple post that’s become a Duracell battery.

I bet this ends up on the web

Spiderman is incredibly popular at the moment, so this artwork is nicely fitting. The context is also amusing. 

Thor road sign

Road signs are dull, aren’t they? Here your average T junction sign has been turned into Thor’s hammer. Probably a better indicator that you shouldn’t try to go any further. 

Clap for bubbles

Another touch of vandalism for bathroom humour. There’s nothing wrong with laughing in the bathroom is there?

We also like the idea of using enough soap to make bubbles when you clap. 

Embracing the look

When Natalie Child found that her advert had been vandalised, she decided to embrace the look for a good chortle (and probably even more publicity). 

We hope it wasn’t with a permanent marker though,

Amusing but sad

This one is both amusing and sadly true at the same time. Capitalism and our obsession with using all the resources the world has to offer is killing the planet. 

While we also try to kill off the bacteria that might make us unwell. 

RedditAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle photo 48

Eat your veggies

Ok, so perhaps not the fanciest or most impressive graffiti you’re ever likely to see, but still amusing. Important life advice too, eat your veggies and remember to stay hydrated. 

RedditAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle photo 49

Spongebob hard times

Spongebob has fallen on rough times. His career has led him to dizzying heights and now terrible lows. Perhaps an omen to those who seek fame themselves. 

Katherine PearsonAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle photo 50

Life is too short

Life is just too short not to have a great time. So why not run downhill screaming like you used to do when you were a kid? This sign certainly seems to encourage it. 

Joe BothaAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle photo 51

Swimming Pool

This sign is meant to give directions to the nearby swimming pool, but some cheeky person has edited the sign to make it far less appealing. This could easily be filed under “Brits out of context”.

Teresa YuAmusing Photos Of Real-world Street Vandalism Thatll Make Your Chortle photo 52


There are plenty of dangers in the real world and we certainly feel like love is one of them. But not one you’d expect to find in a building site. 

Yo-yo vandals

We’re not sure who this statue is of but we’d imagine he wasn’t as serious about playing with Yo-yos as he now appears to be. Good times had by all. 

Run forest run

Sometimes it’s the simplest little bits of vandalism that are the funniest. Just adding “run” to this sign was enough to conjure up memories of Forest Gump. 

Cookie monster

Who’d have thought that you could add eyes to a bin and carefully balance a cookie on it and create this sort of subtle hilarity? We wonder how many people walked by this bin and chortled about it. 

Smiles make everything better

Smiles make everything better don’t they? We find that even just adding a face to something that shouldn’t have a face makes us smile and brings happiness. Simple. 

Do not eat coffee

This is not only sage advice it’s also an amusing take on what the sign actually is trying to say.

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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